Train Your Dog To Love Wearing Clothes

If your dog has a thin coat, low immunity, or has circulatory problems, then a sweater will help him stay warm. A raincoat, on the other hand, can come handy in reducing the time spent trying to dry your pet after a rainy evening.

Just like humans, light dogs need protection from the sun. As such, there are certain clothes designed to protect them from sunburns. Regardless of the aim of dressing your dog, if he is not used to wearing clothes, you are likely to go through a rough time trying to dress him. So, what are some of the tricks you should employ? We spoke with Martine Funari, founder of Fluffy’s Pet Shop and she provided some useful tips on how to get your puppy comfortable with the clothes.

Start Early

When taught when still young, dogs are likely to tolerate foreign materials on their bodies. Even when you find no need of dressing him, teach your pup early enough to be in apparel. However, if your dog missed this step when he was young, there is still hope. Whichever dog you are training, start off with simple to wear clothes that are comfortable, ones that don’t cover the head, back legs, and feet. Clothes that have an open stomach are great to start with.

Making Dressing Fun

You want to first keep off clothes that have to be worn over the head since such can be frightening. Start by introducing the clothes slowly. First, show your little friend the clothes you plan to put on him. Let him sniff the clothes then reward him with a treat for his cooperation. Gently rub the cloth on his fur and reward him for allowing you to do it. Start by having him wear the apparel for about a minute, then during this time try to distract him by engaging him in a game. Once the outfit is off his body, quit playing and praising so he can realize that clothes are associated with fun. With time, he will enjoy being in clothes.

Expand His Wardrobe

Once your dog is comfortable wearing clothes for a while, take on to sweaters and T-shirts.  These will require him to put his head through a neck hole. For the first few days, treat him for staying still while you put clothes on him. Use one hand to pull the apparel through his head as the other strokes him lovingly. After a few seconds, remove the apparel and see his reaction. If he is positive, put it on him again until he is fully comfortable. If you want to try a hat on him, start by rubbing something simple like a hair clip on his fur. Distract him by playing with him, then slowly put a hat on his head and fasten it. Keep the hat on his head for a few seconds and watch his reaction. Be sure to remove it if you notice any signs of discomfort until he is used to having one on his head for long.

Focus on What’s Best For Your Dog

If yours is a laid back dog, you will notice how fast he gets to adjusting to wearing clothes. However, if yours is sensitive it may take longer. Whatever time it takes, just be sure to make an enjoyable process without making him feel scared of wearing clothes. If you sense he is getting stressed, take a break and try your training later.