Cat Tree

Cat TreeNo matter what kind of cat tree you need to build, you must take into accounts the next three things – cost, dimension, and your construction expertise. Therefore in this article I take you on my journey from our pet cats first scratching post and platform to their current cat tree, and on the way clarify, show and illustrate how we strengthened these to accommodate the burden and size of our Maine Coon cats, and how we utilised the outdated cats scratching posts and platform to strengthen and lengthen their new cat tree.

The solely other slicing needed was a slot in the again panel for one of the dangly cat toys (hooked up to the outdated scratching submit) to suit by means of the again of the cubbyhole, and a small recess on one of the aspect panels to fit the dangly toy from the opposite scratching post I’d dismantled for spare parts to strengthen the cat tree.

Having already chosen the scrap wood which I was going to recycle into this DIY challenge it was just a simple process of chopping all of the pieces of wood to size and screwing all of them along with the previous cats scratching submit built into it. As it occurred all the pieces of wood I’d chosen the place splendid lengths so all that was required to make them the correct dimension was to cut simply a few inches of the peak of the again piece and an inch off the peak of the facet items.

Our alternative was a modest cat tree that had a great evaluation from a Maine Coon proprietor, with the proviso from her that it wobbles a bit of when her cat makes use of it. We bought the cat tree on the strength of that assessment and certain enough it’s a sturdy construction (for probably the most half), and though well suited to odd domestic housecats does wobble a little (like a tree) when Greebo is on the top platform; but sturdy enough so as not to topple.Cat Tree

Because it is one thing new and she’s never seen one earlier than, to get her to use it, I put her on the top stage and pet her and praise her so that she is aware of that it is protected for her and introduce the completely different platforms that she can jump on. If you could have a cat like mine, let them take their time and they will start using it in a few days or so. Once you see them marking it by brushing up against it, you will know that they have accepted it and are making it theirs.